Family Touch’s expert staff includes marriage and family therapists, social workers, life coaches, and consulting psychiatrists who have over 50 years of collective experience. 

Our work is guided by our senior management and staff and the Board of Directors. 

패밀리터치 스태프는 경험있는 결혼 및 가정 전문 상담치료사와 사회 복지사, 인생 상담 코치, 그리고 협력 정신과 의사들로 구성되어 있습니다. 또한 패밀리터치의 사역은 경영진, 이사회와의 조력과 가이드를 받습니다.

Dr. Joy Chung, Ph.D.


Dr. Choong J Kim

Vice President & Director of Finance

Ms. Eunice Oh

Development Director

Dr. Ok Soon Lim

Chief Counselor

Dr. Yang T. Lim

Pastoral Care Counselor

Byung Yong Kim, Ph.D.

Crisis Pastoral Counselor

Cheuls Kang, M.B.A.


Claire Jeon, LSW

Social Worker

Board Members

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Supporting Board Members 후원 이사

​김학영, 정순희, 차영선, 한연숙, Eunice Park, 하미화, Connie Choi