Our Vision & Mission


Our Vision

To build socially and emotionally strong families through counseling and education in order to strengthen communities across generations

우리의 사명은 교육과 상담을 통해 사회적, 정서적으로 건강한 가족, 행복한 가족을 세우므로 온 세대가  건강한 사회를 만드는 것 입니다.

We believe that a solid community starts with healthy, empowered individuals and strong families, who, in turn, partner together to build and give back.

패밀리 터치는 견고하고 튼튼한 지역사회는 건강한 개인과 행복한가정을 통해 이루어 진다고 확신합니다.


Our Mission

To provide affordable educational programs and counseling services to immigrants and their families to build strong communities.
We work toward our mission in three distinct ways:

1. Lowering barriers to access

2. Impacting every single family member

3. Teaching sustainable, long-term skills

패밀리 터치는 교육과 상담 서비스를 이민자들과 가정에게 적정비용으로 제공합니다.
패밀리 터치는 세가지 방법을 통해 목표를 성취합니다:

1.서비스 수용의 장벽을 낮춥니다.

2. 각 가족 구성원에 영향을 줍니다.

3. 행복한 가정을 유지 할 수 있도록 관계 향상 기술과 문제 해결 능력을 습득하도록 가르칩니다.

Total Impact

Since our founding, we have:

Served 36,000 individuals and collective families  

Delivered 2,438hours of counseling and programming in 2018 alone

Received more than $3 million in donations to continue our mission of lowering barriers to access and serving immigrants and their families 

Operate with a full-time staff of six, part-time staff of five, and 335 volunteers


설립 이후 패밀리 터치는:
3만6천명의 개인과 가족들을 도왔습니다.
2017년 한해 2천시간의 상담과 프로그램을 제공했습니다.
$300만불 이상의 후원금을 확보해 도움이 필요한 가정들이 재정에 제약없이 필요한 서비스를 받도록 도왔습니다.


Our Team

Family Touch’s expert staff includes marriage and family therapists, social workers, life coaches and consulting psychiatrists who have over 50 years of collective experience. 

Our work is guided by our senior management and staff and Board of Directors. 

패밀리 터치 스태프는 경험있는 결혼 및 가정 전문 상담치료사와 사회 복지사, 인생 상담 코치, 그리고 협력 정신과 의사들로 구성되어 있습니다.

또한 패밀리 터치의 사역은 경영진, 이사회와의 조력과 가이드를 받습니다.


Dr. Joy Chung, Ph.D., 정정숙
Founder & President

Dr. Chung's passion for education and healthy relationships led her to pursue her Ph.D. Major in Education and Minor in Psychology & Counseling. After working as Family and Education Minister and Program Director, she founded Family Touch with a vision to provide affordable educational programs and counseling services to immigrants and their families to build strong communities. She is a best-selling author of three books titled, “Family Principles for Raising Emotionally Healthy Children”, “Father’s Present”, and “Best Communication Skills”. She is also a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, N.C.C.A, Certified National Seminar Director in Marriage Counseling, Prepare & Enrich, Life Innovations and Communications Skills, N.I.R.E., among many other certifications. 

칼럼니스트, 교육 및 가정사역 전문 강사 , 임상 목회 상담가
베스트 셀러 작가
상담과 프로그램 훈련 전문가
Canada Christian College, NJ Branch 교수 (2008 – 현재)

Dr. Choong J. Kim, 김충정
Vice President & Director of Finance

Dr. Kim oversees Family Touch's finances, including all strategic and tactical budget management, forecasting and the securing of new funding. He also served as Program Director for Seniors, teaching and preparing senior citizens with life skills and Death Preparation School. He received his D. Min at Canada Christian College along with Pastoral Care Studies and M. Div. 

재무 관리


Dr. Ok Soon Lim, 임옥순
Chief Counselor

Dr. Lim leads our counseling services as Marital & Pre-Marital counselor and Family Relationship Dynamic Training and Mastering the Mystery of Love instructor. She received her D.C.C. along with Pastoral Care Studies and MA. She is a Care Specialist and a member of A.A.P.C. (the American Association of Pastoral Counselors) 

목회 상담가,
가족 관계 감정 훈련 프로그램 강사,
프리페어 인리치 부부 상담가


Dr. Yang T. Lim, 임양택

Marital & Pre-marital Counseling, Instructor for Family Relationship Dynamic Training

목회 상담가, 가족 관계 감정 훈련 프로그램 강사, 프리페어 인리치 강사


Yonghye Pyo, M. S., 표용혜
Art Therapist, HSH Program Director

Ms. Pyo is a counselor at Family Touch. She is also responsible for directing the federal grant program, Home Sweet Home. As an art therapist, Ms. Pyo has experience in planning and implementing activities to promote clients’ physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth.

카운슬러/미술 치료사
미 연방정부 그랜트 프로그램 ‘홈 스윗 홈’ 프로그램 디렉터


Byung Yong Kim, Ph.D.,김병용

Crisis Pastoral Counselor
Instructor for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program 'Feeling Good Club
Instructor for 'Senior Happiness Class'
Director of Family Touch senior programs.

위기목회 상담가, 인지 행동치료 프로그램 필링 굿 강사, 시니어 프로그램 디렉터


Christine Bae, LAC, MHCLP 배단비

Counselor, Grant Writer


Cheuls Kang, M.B.A., 강철수

행정 관리/기금 마련 행사 조직


Hyunjoo Cha, CCC M.D.C  차현주
HSH Coordinator, Parenting School&Prepare Enrich facilitator


Board Members, 이사 

Chairperson: Ms. Sun Kim
Vice Chairperson:Mr. Jae Deok Kim

김순빈, 김영길, 김용정, 김충정, 김현우, 민혜정,  박유니스, 박수잔, 박정호, 정정숙, 최찬희, 최카니, 하미화
Jenny Gill, Kevin Hwang, Do Yon Hwang, Jayoung Yi, Kyun Yi

Supporting Board Members,

김종욱, 김학영, 김효성, 정순희, 정신호, 차영선, 한연숙