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FT Lab

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This program is intended to help children, who are in economic disparity, learn skills of electronics to help aid them secure jobs in the ongrowing STEM field. As the world becomes more entrenched in technology, it has become more valuable to have skills in STEM technological fields. Accessing places to learn these types of activities often require a lot of resources and introduction time in order to help grab the attention of young people. FT Lab hopes to captivate young minds and expand their world view on everyday objects by helping teach the smallest and basic circuits.


  1. To teach children basic concepts of electronics.

  2. Help children start a lifelong journey interest in electronics.

  3. To build competency in social skills & STEAM

Program Detail Information

  • Electronics material: Discover Electronics Kit

  • Family Touch Volunteer pairs with a student

  • Social skills topics: communication skills, self- management skills, etc.