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College Essay Writing Workshop

College Essay Writing Workshop

효과적이고 전략적인 칼리지 에세이쓰는 방법을 4주에 걸쳐 배웁니다.


  1. How to write the Common App essay?

  2. How to write supplemental essays?

기간: 2019년 8월 3일 - 8월 24일 매주 (토)
시간: 4:30pm - 6:30pm
비용: $320
강사: Katherine Jung
- BA at Harvard University
-8 years of private tutoring
-Liberal arts curriculum design and instruction for top international education company in China
-Curriculum Project Manager and College Essay Coach for largest charter school network in NYC

대상: 9월에 12학년이 되는 학생

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